Domestic Brochure

Most domestic water tanks will eventually leak. Whether you have a concrete tank that has cracked due to ground movement, or a corrugated iron tank that has started to rust – IFS should have a solution to your problem. IFS Liner system involves the installation of a custom made food grade PVC liner which will fully line the entire internal surface of any size or shaped water tank upto the overflow.

Many patch style products fail due to the following reasons:

Concrete Tanks
  • The patch had not adhered sufficiently to the concrete surface
  • The tank has experienced further ground movement beyond the limits of the elasticity of the patch
  • The original cause of the cracking has spread to new areas
  • The patching process was not installed correctly

Corrugated Metal Tanks
  • The patch had not adhered sufficiently to the metal surface
  • The tank has experienced further rusting
  • Ground movement has caused a tank seam to split

The advantage of having a flexible IFS liner installed in a water tank relies on the fact that apart from attachment to the inside top of the tank, the liner is fully independent of the water tank. This means that:

  • Continued ground movement can occur without affecting the liner
  • No reliance is being made on adhering to unfavourable surfaces
  • Cracking or rusting in other areas of the tank will not result in leaking
  • As long as your water tank is structurally sound, the liner will hold water to the full capacity of your tank.

IFS liners are custom made to suit your needs.
Whether your tank is:

  • above ground or buried
  • circular or rectangular
  • inside a building or on a remote property

We can produce a liner to suit your needs.  Contact Us for more information.