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Industrial Fabric Solutions trained installation technicians have extensive experience working with pre-existing and complicated tank farm systems. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembrane lining systems are routinely utilised to provide corrosion protection for concrete and steel surfaces. Industrial Fabric Solutions method for corrosionproofing involves attaching standard geomembrane sheeting to the concrete surface using batten strips or the PVC stripping.

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Industrial Fabric Solutions provides complete service and support for your project’s lining installation. Detail drawings can be provided as well as extensive technical and estimating support to help guide your design to the most economical and constructable configuration that meets the particular project requirements. This total project capability reflects our experience and knowledge of the synthetic lining industry and our commitment to the needs of the customer. No other company offers the wide range of quality products, the level of quality assurance, or can match the installation and safety track record that Industrial Fabric Solutions offers you. Another example of Industrial Fabric Solutions commitment to quality.