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Aquaculture Lining Systems

Ponds and tanks used for fish and shrimp farming can be greatly improved by the use of highly impermeable, durable, lining systems. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes offer significant operation and cost benefits over soil, clay, concrete and steel in aquaculture applications. These benefits include:

  • Enhanced water quality control
  • Easy repair
  • Erosion protection
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Smooth harvesting surface
  • Minimised pumping costs
  • Consistent pond volume control
  • Rapid installation
  • Long life
  • Secure water containment.

Industrial Fabric Solutions is one of the world’s largest manufacturer and installers of geomembrane lining systems and has extensive experience supplying liners for aquaculture facilities.

Liquid Containment

As clean water becomes more expensive to acquire and the cost to pump water increases, the need for secure water containment grows. Efficient operation of any aquaculture facility requires consistent water volumes, high water quality and low operating costs. Additionally, the siting of aquaculture facilities like other food producing facilities, has become more difficult as concern continues to increase for clean surface water and groundwater resources. Installing an Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembrane is the solution. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes not only have extremely low permeability rates to help keep pond water volume consistent, they also keep waste product contained and prevent the intrusion of groundwater borne pollutants from entering aquaculture ponds. Dissolved oxygen levels are easier to maintain because the extraneous biomass of the pond is greatly reduced by the geomembrane barrier.

Industrial Fabric Solutions Aquaculture Lining Systems:

  1. Ensure superior water quality
  2. Speed harvest and turnaround
  3. Reduce the risks of disease
  4. Offer the most durable containment at the most economical cost
  5. Reduce your operating costs

Water Quality Control

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes are certified for drinking water containment. These high quality geomembrane liners contain no additives or chemicals which can leach out and impact water quality or harm animal life. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes can be repeatedly cleaned and disinfected with no decrease in the
liner’s performance. The result is improved water quality allowing for higher and healthier crops due to greater dissolved oxygen levels and improved feed conversions. This produces better tasting product and improves profit potential.

Erosion Control

Effective erosion control is another significant advantage of an Industrial Fabric Solutions lining system. The liner eliminates slope deterioration caused by surface rains, wave action and wind. By eliminating erosion, the liner prevents eroded materials from filling the pond and reducing the pond volume, thus maintaining the original pond
capacity. In addition, costly erosion repair and dredging are eliminated. Finally, an Industrial Fabric Solutions liner ensures complete harvests by maintaining a smooth pond bottom and by preventing muck and eroded areas where fish and shrimp can hide.

Disease and Microbiological Control

While diseases cannot be eliminated, lined ponds reduce their occurrence and assure rapid and more dependable recovery because the liner can be cleaned, disinfected and returned to service within days. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes are resistant to microbiological attack and growth. The surface cleans easily and thoroughly. An Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembrane gives you better control over your operations and therefore reduces the risks of aquaculture rearing.

Crop Quality

With more consistent, better quality water, your aquaculture product grows more quickly, is healthier and tastes better. An Industrial Fabric Solutions liner reduces sediment and results in a cleaner product. Your overall operation is more efficient and produces a better quality product.

What to Do

Send plans, dimensions, and requirements to Industrial Fabric Solutions. We will provide you with recommendations, an estimate for material and installation, contracts for local installers, (if desired), and references. For solutions to your aquaculture needs … come to Industrial Fabric Solutions.

Canal Lining Applications

The Problem

As clean water becomes more expensive to acquire, the need for secure water containment grows. Over time, concrete-lined canals may crack resulting in a significant loss of water. Earthen canals are also subject to erosion and leakage problems due to stress cracking from changing weather conditions.

The Solution

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes provide an effective and economical solution to canal leakage and erosion problems. For more than 40 years, membrane canal liners have proven effective. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes offer state-of-the-art performance for canal lining projects. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes and geomembrane lined canals exhibit:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Long-term durability
  • Flexibility
  • Puncture resistance
  • Large roll widths and lengths
  • UV stability
  • Low temperature flexibility
  • Welded seams
  • Flow improvement.

Covered or Uncovered

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembrane canal liners may be left un-covered (exposed) or may be protected with a covering of soil or concrete. Industrial Fabric Solutions UV-stabilised geomembranes can remain exposed for an extended length of time with no expected decline in their level of performance. However, most canal lining systems should be protected against damage from rocks, debris, equipment and vandalism.

Repair of Existing Canals

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes are suitable for lining over cracked concrete canal linings. Sections of the canal can be repaired at different times if the budget does not allow for a complete relining at one time.

What to Do

Send plans, dimensions, and requirements to Industrial Fabric Solutions. We will provide you with recommendations, an estimate for material and installation and contacts for local installers, if desired. For the quality, consistency, product range and service you need and expect, come to the liquid solutions company – Industrial Fabric Solutions.

Fabrication Services

The Advantages of Prefabrication

Field fabrication consumes large amounts of time which translates into higher installation costs. Whether prefabricating pipe boots, baffle walls, vertical membrane barrier panels, or containment pads, utilisation of prefabricated products can reduce the installation time and costs. Regardless of what your application may be, the quality and ease of installation and time savings that Industrial Fabric Solutions Fabrication Services provide can result in substantial cost reductions for your project.


Industrial Fabric Solutions Fabrication Services have provided thousands of fabricated geomembrane products and components to contain or assist in the installation of fluid containment and lining systems. Skyspan fabricated products have been successfully employed throughout the world.

Examples of Geomembrane/Liner Fabricated Products

  • Self-Installed Pond and Pit Liners
  • Temporary or Daily
  • Tank Liner for Prefabricated Tanks Landfill Covers
  • Floating Booms and Baffle Curtains
  • Temporary and Permanent
  • Pipe Boots Contamination Liners
  • Portable Secondary Containment

Industrial Fabric Solutions Custom Fabrication Services

Industrial Fabric Solutions is dedicated to the fabrications business with full-time sales and operations staff to support your speciality fabrication needs. Industrial Fabric Solutions fabrication staff can provide the expert assistance necessary for quality completion of your fabrication needs. Industrial Fabric Solutions provides cost effective solutions for many applications including:

  • Aquaculture
  • Landfill
  • Agricultural
  • Wastewater
  • Petrochemical
  • Mining
  • Utility
  • Beef, Swine and Poultry Production and
  • Golf Courses Processing

Industrial Fabric Solutions Fabrication Services is capable of consistently fabricating high quality products in our factory controlled environment. Our trained operations staff possess the experience and knowledge needed to provide quality and innovation for each fabrication need.

Tank Lining Applications

Secure Containment and Leak Detection Lining Systems

For primary tank linings, secondary containment, leak detection systems, Industrial Fabric Solutions products meet a wide range of tank application needs. Thousands of industrial and municipal users have relied on Industrial Fabric Solutions materials, technology and services in vital applications such as the secure segregation of chemical media, corrosion proofing of concrete, steel and other surfaces. With over 25 years of manufacturing and installation experience, Industrial Fabric Solutions can provide you with superior quality and service. Industrial Fabric Solutions offers a quality range of products to facilitate tank lining projects, including:

  • LLDPE, PVC, Butyl Rubber and HDPE etc
  • Cast-in place geomembrane attachment extrusions
  • Cast-in place concrete protective liner systems
  • Factory-controlled prefabricated pipe intrusion boots, sumps and connections.

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes are:

  • Resistant to most hazardous liquids
  • Cost effective
  • Certified for potable water storage
  • UV-resistant for exposed applications
  • Rugged and durable.

Primary Tank Liners

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes have been installed inside steel and concrete tanks of all dimensions to preserve aging tanks and to protect the tank walls from corrosion. In potable water applications, the geomembrane assures that no groundwater- based contaminants or deteriorating structural containment sediment enters the reservoir. A floating cover or fixed-roof cover can likewise keep unwanted material out of the containment or help confine vapours emitted by the contained liquid.

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes can be attached to steel tank walls using bolted stainless steel battens or PVC strips. Geomembrane can also be attached to concrete foundations using bolted stainless steel batten strips or more economically using Industrial Fabric Solutions poly stripping attachment strips. The strips are attached to the concrete using anchors. The geomembrane can be securely attached to the poly strip to form a continuous attachment.

Thousands of industrial and municipal users have relied on Industrial Fabric Solutions materials, technology and services in vital applications.

Enhanced Linings

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes offer other significant benefits over traditional lining systems. An Industrial Fabric Solutions liner system can be thoroughly tested once installed. And for exposed applications, the clean geomembrane can be tested periodically as part of a maintenance program to ensure that no post installation damage has occurred. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes offer a level of assurance not possible with other tank lining products.

Industrial Fabric Solutions offers complete turnkey supply and installation with single source responsibility.

Leak Detection

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembrane liners are typically utilised for leak detection systems inside the ringwall or retrofit. The liner contains and channels leaked liquids to a leak detection sump.

Secondary Containment

From small tanks to entire tank farms, the secondary containment area is a critical component of tank lining protection. Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes have been proven in hundreds of secondary containment applications.

Mining Applications

Geomembrane/Lining Systems

Today’s mining practices require optimal performance from containment lining systems. Industrial Fabric Solutions manufactures and installs the highest quality, most durable and longlasting flexible geomembrane lining systems for specialised mining needs. Industrial Fabric Solutions wide range of geotechnical products are  manufactured from a variety of fabrics used in demanding geotechnical applications. Industrial Fabric Solutions unique, very flexible liner/geomembrane called Skyliner, was created by Industrial Fabric Solutions to meet the explicit needs of the mining industry by providing outstanding puncture and chemical resistance in addition to multiaxial performance.

Industrial Fabric Solutions materials used for geomembranes are available in thicknesses from 1.0mm to 6.00mm and seamless widths from 6.9
metres to 10.5 metres, depending on the type of fabric. Such wide- width panels mean fewer field seams, faster, more efficient installations and less opportunity for leakage. With millions of square metres installed at mining operations around the world, you can be assured that Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes will meet your needs.

Solutions Ponds

Pond liners are typically exposed to the harsh elements and constant use. Annual leak testing is not uncommon to minimise solution loss. To minimise leak testing costs and maximise assurance, use Skyspan’s system of field spark-testing geomembranes which can be economically tested in place, when clean, dry and exposed, year after
year, ensuring complete capture of valuable solutions.

Process and Waste Water Tanks

Skyspan offers unique products for lining settling tanks and other structures. Skyspan’s LLDPE, PVC or Butyl rubber fabric sheet is installed into newly poured concrete tanks. Another effective method for lining concrete structures is with Skyspan’s standard geomembranes which can be attached to concrete tanks using PVC, LLDPE, Butyl Rubber and HDPE. These fabrics are positioned in the concrete tanks. The geomembranes can then be fitted with extrusion strips that are mounted to the internal walls with chemical anchors.

Industrial Fabric Solutions uses the highest quality high density liners that are very flexible.

Corrosion Protection

Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes are used to line settlement tanks, sumps, trenches, etc, to prevent weathering and corrosion. Industrial Fabric Solutions liners, used for corrosion protection for concrete structures, are a very economical replacement for stainless steel tanks.

Advantage of Business Partnerships with Industrial Fabric Solutions

Industrial Fabric Solutions provides clear assurance of system integrity from one supplier, Industrial Fabric Solutions single- source responsibility, for not only the flexible
geomembrane liner but all components of the liner system, provides for economic and reliable construction.

Benefits of a Industrial Fabric Solutions

  • Confidence that Industrial Fabric Solutions has the experience, knowledge and capacity to handle the most complex and difficult lining applications.

  • Quality assurance of supply and quality installation anywhere in the world.

  • Assistance from Industrial Fabric Solutions project specialists with experience in all aspects of lining materials and geomembrane design to meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

  • Wide selection of geomembrane materials including HDPE, Butyl Rubber, PVC and LLDPE for design flexibility and single source convenience.

  • Industrial Fabric Solutions geomembranes offer the best dimensional stability and resistance to environmental stress cracking, and provide stronger weld strength than all other competitive fabricators.

  • Industrial Fabric Solutions liners are very flexible offering outstanding puncture and chemical resistance for mining applications.

  • Efficient, high quality, turn-key installation.

  • Fusion and extrusion welding processes that produce a homogeneous installation seam with superior strength.

  • Global distribution and manufacturing network.